February 22, 2015

5 Cheap Things to do in West Virginia

5 Cheap Things to do in West Virginia

5 Cheap Things to do in West Virginia

Adventure traveling today has become more practical, realistic, simpler and nature-conscious. Maybe this is because of the economic problems or recession that have transpired in the past years. Travelers nowadays are more budget-conscious thus the rise of many budget-friendly travel options that everyone will enjoy.

Among the best places to go when it comes to cheap adventure travel is West Virginia. Here, you get to explore nature’s prowess, historical spots, and simply amazing attractions.

Here’s proof from Ace Raft..

ACE Adventure Resort wants to help you stay in your budget, yet still have FUN! So we’ve come up with this list of five affordable things to do in West Virigina that are close to us, and a perfect compliment to any ACE adventure.

So get out there and explore!

Five Affordable Things To Do in West Virignia:

1. Whipple Company Store and Appalachian Heritage Museum, Scarbro, WV

Explore one of the oldest, last of its architectural design, all-wooden, Coal Camp Company Stores left in the country. Discover the rich history as we celebrate the heritage of the West Virginia Coal Miner and their families, and learn about life in the Coal Camp. Join in for an interactive and guided tour to explore the many cultural and historical treasures that abound in this 1890, one-of-a-kind, original, Company Store.

– Guided tours last approx… 35- 45 minutes

– Open May – November (11am to 6pm, closed Tuesdays)

– $10 per person (under 3 yrs = free)

2. Exhibition Coal Mine, Beckley WV

As the focal point of Beckley’s lovely New River Park, the Exhibition Coal Mine, the Rahall Company Store, Mine Museum and the Youth Museum of Southern West Virginia draw thousands of people to the area annually. At the Exhibition Coal Mine, one can ride through the dark passages of a vintage coal mine. The guides are veteran miners and provide firsthand accounts of the daily responsibilities and tasks of past and present day miners.

– Guided tours last approx… 40 minutes

– Open April 1 through November 2.

– $20 per person (ages 13-54)

– $12 per youth (ages 4-17)

3. The Greenbrier Bunker Tour, White Sulphur Springs, WV

During the Cold War the United States government maintained a top-secret underground bunker in the mountains of West Virginia. Bunker tours provide a unique and in-depth look behind the hidden doors and let you explore an aspect of The Greenbrier that no other resort can claim.

– Guided tours last approx… 90 minutes

– Open year-round

– $30 per adult

– $15 per youth (ages 10-18)

4. Mystery Hole, Ansted, WV

A quirky and legendary tourist stop where you get to see the laws of gravity defied. The mysterious mindbaffling “Mystery Hole” was unclosed for public view around the middle of the year 1973, and is probably the best kept secret in WV.

– Guided tours last approx… 15-20 minutes

– Open April through October

– $6.50 per person

– $5.50 per youth (ages 11 and under)

5. ACE’s Adventure Park & Lake Pass, Minden, WV

ACE Lake is five acres of AWESOME. Swimming. Splashing. Bouncy Stuff. ACE Adventure Park & Lake has it all. Lake Pass includes access to all lake amenities including tower elements, climbing wall and inflatable water toys.

– Either a full or 1/2 day available with no other activities necessary

– Open May-October (late fall /early spring schedule weather dependent)

– Full day rate = $39 per person (ages 5 and under are free)

– Half day rate = $25 per person (ages 5 and under are free)

Receive the lake pass for half-price when purchased with any guided activity. For package options that include the lake pass check out the Packages and Deals page.


Budget-friendly travel options are always a must-grab. And in fact, the simplest and most down-to-earth travels are always the most fun and memorable ones.

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